Michele Petosa

Michele Petosa prioritizes healing and health as an Integrated Wellness Practitioner. Through her home-based practice, she provides natural healthcare solutions to address the effects of anxiety, depression, PTSD and other ailments of the body. She integrates her credentials and experienc into her personalized approach to healing.

An estimator and project coordinator most of her career, Michele's life changed drastically when personal trauma resulted in acute physical, emotional and mental health needs. Her journey toward health recovery led beyond conventional medicine to the natural healing arts which restored her physically and moved her career path to that of holistic restoration and transformation.

Michele is an advocate and wellness mentor for survivors of violence and other traumas. Leveraging her training and personal experience, she understands that releasing emotional pain is key to successful healing to restore mind/body connection. She dedicates her professional and personal time to guiding others to a space of healing.


Michele graduated from the Soul Coaching International Training Institute in 2017 and continues to enhance her healing acumen with practical study. She became a Certified Energy Healer and an Access Consciousness Facilitator, accredited by the International Institute for Complementary Therapists in 2018, Reiki level I and II in 2019 and further in 2020 became a BodyTalk Practitioner and joined The International BodyTalk Association. She is committed to her journey of growth and education in holistic wellness practices.

The path to healing is personal, and Michele helps her clients release their pain, anxiety and stress to promote the body's natural ability to heal itself. Her trauma-informed approach facilitates holistic healing of the entire person, and her practice is based on meaningful connection and relationship through openness and authenticity. Through programmatic Soul Coaching, BodyTalk protocols, Access Consciousness sequences and other energy healing, Michele brings connection and restorative transformation.

Michele (416) 707-2382

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