Wisdom of Your Chakras


Start date to be announced


Level 3

7 Weeks 7 Chakras

Live via Zoom

Prerequisite Level 1 & 2

Are you Ready to Create Miracles and live your Best Life?

7 Meaningful Weeks


Creating Miracles

Through the Wisdom of Your Chakras, you have ReRooted your foundation and ReConnected to your body. Now it's time to Create Miracles! 

Your mission here is to see the miracle you are and create a meaningful life around it.

"The meaning of life is to find your gifts. The purpose of life is to give it away."

~ Pablo Picasso

Purpose is the contribution you are to others. Without a sense of purpose, big or small, people feel lost, live in chaos and create bad health. So what are you creating?

Instead ask "What am I here to create?"

The mind doesn't create purpose, it emerges from us and is expressed through us. When you align your inner world with your outer world you can hear the messages and divine guidance to create an abundant life.


Level up & Transcend by Exploring:

- The Sacred Truths

- The Universal Laws

- The 7 Rays of Power

- Working with Spirit & Archangels

The chakra system is a blueprint to the Self, to the inner being waiting to create with the Universe so you can experience heaven here on earth.


Are you ready to Create Miracles and live your best life?


Wisdom of Your Chakras is a live-interactive course where you will be fully supported by your guides Beatriz Martin & Michele Petosa.

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Receive: Certificate of Completion & Wisdom of Your Chakras Manual 

Prerequisite:  ReRoot level 1 & ReConnect level 2

Raising Your Vibration to Activate & Open Your Chakras

Solar Plexus
Third eye

Meet the Facilitators


Once you have the personal experience of consciously working through the chakras, your intuition will be heightened and your sessions will be more powerful and effective for your clients.


As you learn and move through the chakras, you release unresolved emotions, connect to your body and the true essence of your being.

In balance you will find peace, trust and wisdom.


Success Stories

I loved this course. Beatriz and Michele are so sweet! Thank you for listening to me and for helping me get back on my spiritual path. I will absolutely tell everyone I know about this course. Thank you!

Julie A.